About Us

OPPORTUNITY ONE (‘OP1’) is a 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit organization.

Initiated and led by veterans.

OP1 offers an immediate solution to the “now what’ moment upon discharge from military service.

OP1 is committed to bridging the gap between the military and civilian communities to provide solutions for education, affordable housing, and career opportunities.


Serving Those Who Served. We will ensure veterans successfully navigate military to civilian life. We will provide supporting infrastructure, tools & resources around the critical components of education (including entrepreneurship), vocational training and affordable housing.

Veterans Have An Extremely Comprehensive Skill Set Of Leadership Experience. Traits like Discipline, Adaptability And Problem Solving are Simply Too Expensive To Teach.  Utilizing Their Skill Sets, Veterans Can Strengthen The Contribution To The Economy. They can Continue To Open their own Small Businesses. Or they can Work Within Local Companies To Contribute To The Overall Success, Growth And Culture.

Education, Awareness And Local Partnerships. OP1 is dedicated to maximizing the successful veteran re-entry into our communities. We want to improve the ability for veterans to continue their service both locally and nationally. OP1 is changing the conversation about service members and empowering their contributions to our collective economy and society.

These Opportunities will allow us to change the roadmap for transitioning service members. enhance the camaraderie that may be lacking within business culture. shift the traditional model of career services. decrease stigma towards those who served. substantially reduce obstacles. We are committed to successfully bridging the national gap between the military and civilian communities – starting here in the local Denver Metro Area.

OPPORTUNITY for success!

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