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Veterans and their community.

“I was on a train headed home from my first day of orientation at a local tech school here in Denver. I was talking to my mom on the phone about how I wasn’t going to be able to afford to go to school and pay rent. The GI Bill just wasn’t going to cover it. I hung up the phone in a disappointed state. A female sitting next to me had asked what branch of service I was in. We talked about my service and the struggles I was having with balancing school and work life. As she got up to exit the train at her stop, she hands me a card and says “Give me a call, we will get you into school.” I procrastinated on calling her for help and continued to try to find a way to pay all my expenses and go to school at the same time. With only two days before school was about to start, I called the number on the card. Elizabeth (CEO/Founder) jumped through hoops to get all of my expenses covered for the entire 12-week course. If I hadn’t sat where I did that day, I’m not sure where I would be. This program allowed me to gain the certificate I needed to be successful in the career of my choice and to lead a better life than I would have had without this opportunity. “

Spc. Sean Graves, U.S. Army

“This is an absolutely amazing program who helps the underdogs. This program truly understands the logistics of military service. Some of us just didn’t have the time or abilities to complete a degree when we were in the service. So what are we supposed to do now when we are out? This program allows you to figure that part out at your own pace. There’s no hustle and bustle gotta get that degree so we can place in you a job. This program emphasizes you as a person and how Liz always says – forge your own path to success.”

Cpl. Justin Jacobs, U.S. Marine Corp

“There are so many non-profits nowadays for veterans and those transitioning from military service. I was surprised and almost felt like I was fish bait in a pool of hungry piranhas with my new veteran status and make to things worse I was issued a disability status as well. I was interested in taking several certificate style courses after my enlistment had ended to become an entrepreneur and open my own business. And out of all of these non-profits with a mission to help the transition period I couldn’t find one that would support me in this endeavor. The courses I wanted to take were not covered by my GI Bill and I would have to pay for them out of pocket. One day I was rummaging through Facebook and came across a shared post from a friend about a program the SBA was doing for “Vetrepreneurs” this was right up my alley. I noticed the organization that posted it was one I had not heard of yet. This was almost a relief to me for the reason it seems as though VTROC (Opportunity One) allows you to come to them when you are ready and needing assistance. I checked out their website and contacted them via email. I was contacted back within 48 hours from another female veteran who understood my position and passion and almost seemed just as excited as I was to start my business. She not only provided me with a whole lot of resources but funded several classes and courses I needed/wanted to become successful. My business has been open for two years now largely because of the support of this program. The people who run this organization are not in it to get rich or take advantage of our veterans, they show true compassion for the veterans they serve and have an amazing amount of resources to offer.”

Sgt. Shawna Nichols, U.S. Army