To find a meaningful career not just a job.

Stepping into a classroom after years of serving in the military can be difficult, especially for veterans who are still adjusting to civilian life.  A growing number of companies recognize that transitioning veterans offer a valuable range of leadership, management and decision-making skills but appreciate that you may need more industry exposure to secure a career after the military.

Opportunity One offers Several Main Areas of study to assist educational needs. 


Veterans can get a certificate that puts them in the workforce quickly, which is what most of our veterans need. The choice between community college and a four-year university can make a difference in student comfort and success. The structure, cost and demographics of students can make community college a better option for some service members who are interested in earning a degree or job skills. Community colleges tend to offer a large and diverse range of courses and certifications that fall under the GI Bill, many of which match some of the skills that service members built in the military. With certifications that can be earned while veterans pursue a degree, community colleges can help veterans get to work in high-paying, in-demand career fields in less time than a traditional degree program.


Veterans possess discipline, leadership skills and ambition, advantages that make them great business owners and bosses. While the traditional route of higher education teaches theory, veterans learn their life skills through on-the-ground lessons during service. These skills include working well under pressure and gaining command of their emotions — traits that also translate to entrepreneurship.
Successful entrepreneurs must have the confidence to navigate and take risks, and the discipline and leadership skills to lead — traits that veterans developed during service. Owning a business isn’t easy, and there are plenty of roadblocks along the route to success. As a group, veterans don’t give up easy and are often better equipped to take on a challenge.

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