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Veterans, you might be surprised but many transitioning veterans use corporate internships, both paid and unpaid, to reinvent themselves.
If you are looking for jobs after the military and looking to kick-start a career in a new field, a mid-career internship offers a fast and effective way for you to gain practical work experience and develop valuable industry connections. You don’t need to be enrolled in an academic or vocational program to get one.
Corporate internship programs, where veterans gain industry experience while evaluating whether that line of work is the right fit for a long-term career. Internships offer the opportunity for an employer to try you out without committing and give you the specific industry knowledge to fast-track your new career after the military. Perform well during an internship – well that’s better than a job interview.

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Veterans learn a host of skills from military service that translate well in the civilian workplace. Employers like to hire veterans because they have a blend of real-world experience in leadership, teamwork, diversity, integrity and global awareness. Having these skills complements vocational training programs ranging from commercial truck driving to construction trades, to computer network maintenance. Vocational or technical training can be a better choice, especially for some veterans, because It is less expensive, takes less time to learn a skill and can lead to direct job placement. All of these reasons can make the transition to civilian life easier and faster for veterans. Most of them come out of the military and have families to support, therefore learning a trade is a quicker way to employment so they can maintain the quality of life for their spouse and children.

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