What is Opportunity One?

Opportunity One (OP1) is a charitable foundation dedicated to maximizing successful veteran re-entry into their communities, and enhancing their ability to continue their service to those same communities and the nation as a whole.

Initiated and led by veterans, OP1 offers an immediate solution to the “now what” moment that is commiserated after discharge. VTROC is committed to, organically and through strategic alliances, providing housing​, education, and financial assistance as well as any additional services required to satisfy the challenges impacting veterans’ post-military service.

Acting as a confluence for veteran-led initiatives, OP1 is changing the conversation about military service members and enabling their contributions to our collective economy and society. With a mission to provide or facilitate the tools and resources required to ensure successful military transitions and foster the realization of our military members’ life goals by guiding them through a critical phase in their lives as they transition from military to civilian life.

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